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About Us

We offer help and information to families who may be victims of medical malpractice, birth injury, and hospital negligence.

About Us

Medstak is not for lawyers, it’s for anyone who has been or may one day be- a patient.

Medstak is dedicated to bringing consumers the latest news regarding birth injuries and other instances of medical malpractice that impact the lives of trusting patients all over the country.

We do our best to keep you informed of what’s happening within the field of medicine, which hospitals and care facilities have been named in lawsuits, what notable settlements and jury verdicts have been announced, and how these developments impact the quality of patient care.

With so many lawsuits filed and so much new information being released every day, Medstak offers the latest reports as they occur. Check in often for the most current updates.

We believe that all people should be informed about news regarding medical negligence in our local communities and on the world stage. We continue to follow the stories after the headlines fade and the lawsuits are filed to keep you informed of events within all resulting litigation.

If there are topics that you would like to know more about, feel free to send us an email and we’ll do our best to include those issues in our upcoming schedule.


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Breaking News

Medstak provides all headlines as they relate to medical malpractice around the country. Visit us to learn the news as it happens.

Legal Options

Learn more about the various legal options that are available when you or a loved one is the victim of medical negligence.

Health Information

The health effects of medical malpractice may be extremely serious. Having the right health information can make a difference.

Cerebral Palsy & Birth Injury

Medstak offers an in-depth look at the cause and effect of birth injury and cerebral palsy, including diagonsis and long-term care.

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Editorial Staff

Ryan Green

Associate Editor

Ryan is a professional writer whose recent focus has been covering the developments in mass tort litigation. He comes to Medstak to report on similar developments in medical malpractice claims pending all over the country. Ryan is both an active writer and copy editor for Medstak.

Ava Lawson

Associate Editor

Ava holds a degree in Political Science with a minor in environmental education. She is a Medstak staff writer and editor hoping to raise awareness about the prevalence of medical malpractice in this country as well as provide a resource for those who have already been harmed.

Jenn Fusion

Staff Writer

Jenn has a long time background in journalism. She has written for many publications, including USA Today, Houston Chronicle, and has appeared on Channel 4 News. Jenn is thrilled to join Medstak as a writer specializing in birth injury and hospital malpractice.

Whitney Taylor

Staff Writer

Since 2004, Whitney’s professional writing career has focused largely on women’s issues. With Medstak, she continues to focus on women particularly with regard to health issues including the dangers of certain methods of birth control, birth defects related to SSRI medications, and the prevalence of birth injuries.

Jacky Gale

Staff Writer

Jacky is a graduate of Skidmore College and journalist with Medstak. She has a special interest in cancer research and the importance of early diagnosis. She has written extensively on the impact a misdiagnosis and other acts of medical negligence with regard to a patient’s prognosis.

Laura Woods

Staff Writer

Laura is a journalist with a passion for writing about consumer affairs and patient safety. She is a welcome addition to the Medstak reporting staff where she focuses primarily on general medical negligence cases.

Stephanie Reid

Staff Writer

Ms. Reid is extremely versatile within the legal field. Not only has she developed an impressive resume as an independent legal writer, she is also a practicing attorney, guardian ad litem, and special advocate for the best interest of children in her jurisdiction. Medstak is honored to have her contributions.

Katarina Siegfeld

Staff Writer

Katarina’s background is in the arts and is in fact an expert in art history. She is also a professor, a German translator, a tutor and writer. She brings a critical eye and a level of compassion to her work with Medstak that is genuinely her own.

Steve Cid

Staff Writer

Steve brings the unique point of view of a commercial real estate broker and business writer. Since joining the team at Medstak, he has turned his eye toward the pharmaceutical companies. He is particularly interested in the relationship between corporate advertising and patient safety.

Dawn Snyder

Staff Writer

Throughout her legal career, Dawn has worked with highly prestigious firms both as a contract attorney and litigator. Today, she is in solo practice providing writing services to reputable legal journals as well as consulting work. She is proud to advocate for patient rights through her work with Medstak.